Zoos are always in the bucket of every tourist visiting a new country; they are still one of the sources where you can enjoy the best of nature. Whether you are looking for wild animal zoos or petting zoos, Mexican zoos are an excellent family destination when traveling.  Mexican zoos have a collection of different animals ranging from the wild ones to the domestic ones. There are a lot of attractions in Mexico, but the Mexican zoos are part of the most significant and most appreciated zoos in the world. Here are some of the zoos to visit in Mexico.


Zacango zoo, mostly regarded as an eclectic animal park that is home to over 180 different species from different parts of the world. It is one of the country’s largest zoo, and it consists of several enclosures spread across more than 159 hectares of scenic grounds. You can make your way through the different sections of the zoo to see the full numbers of animals there including endangered species. If you walk through the carnivore zone, you will see formidable wolves, huge bears, and other meat eaters. In the Herbivore zone, you can see the deer among the collection of tamer animals. You can try to figure out the difference between the monkeys and the humans in the Primate zone. There is also the Aviary zone where you can look up and say hello to the parrots and see other tropical birds. Snakes and other reptiles are also in the reptile zone where you can have a closer look at the cold-blooded animals. The zoo boasts of having one of the most extensive collections of reptile species in Latin America.


Have a memorable time with one of the best collection of African creatures in the center of Mexico just outside Puebla. The African Safari zoo recreates one of the breathtaking experience you can have on a wildlife expedition. You will get to meet the small, and the giant African elephants and other similar species from all over the world. Once you are at the park, you can hop on the safari bus to enjoy the intriguing forests and its inhabitant. You can take a closer look at the Bengali tigers, giraffes, rhinos, zebras and elephant while at the same time look out for the hyenas and also, don’t miss out on the chance to look up to spot chimpanzees.


The Crococun zoo is located on the 307 highway very close a peaceful village of Puerto Morelos on the Mayan Riviera. They zoo is perfect to enjoy the excellent Yucatan. The zoo has Government eco-reserve designations to protect the reef and the mangrove including the millage from human destruction. You will get to enjoy the thrilling jungle and diving adventure including moped exploration and bike rides. There is also a 60-75 minute interactive guided tour, and you will be allowed to touch, feed and hold a great variety of local wild animals and if you are brave enough you can walk among crocodiles.