Mexico is such a fascinating country with so much to offer. Many do not realize how vast a country Mexico really is and how much it has to offer as far as wildlife and natural scenery. Because it is such a large country and has so many different landscapes and eco systems there are so many different species of animals and plants that can be found in Mexico and that are so interesting to learn more about. One of those areas that are cool to learn about are wetlands, many people do not know a lot about wetlands, what they are, and why they are good for the environment. In this article we will talk about a wetland in the central Mexico area and why this is an important area and what we can learn from it.

Mexico has so much to offer, it is a large country and therefore has a varied landscape that offers a lot of diverse scenery as well as adventure. If you are interested in wildlife and unique landscapes, then perhaps you would want to take a moment to visit one of the many wetlands in Mexico. There are several wetlands in Central Mexico, one that is often visited is in the state of Michoacán, this area is a flooded grassland that has unique aquatic vegetation and animals. There are over 200 species of avifauna found in this wetland as well as many different species of birds as well, as there are many places for them to take shelter, to find water and to find food as well. Sadly, parts of the wetland have been destroyed by the encroachment of man and the problems that come along with that. The wetland consists of various lakes and rivers as well as marches that are all close or intertwined with each other.

They are all located in the heart of a rugged mountain range that is known as the trans-volcanic belt. Due to volcanic activity and earthquakes there were these lakes created. The area is mostly filled with cattails or similar kinds of reedy plants and dense vegetation. There are also forests that surround the wetlands and they have more common plants and trees, such as pines and oaks. The biodiversity that is found in the wetlands is what makes it such a great place for all the various species of birds that reside or rest there.

The wetlands are very important because they provide shelter to many different animals from the surrounding area as well as providing food and water to them. Not only that but they allow various species to grow and without them the ecosystem would not be the same and would perhaps not be as stable. They also help to maintain humidity levels, by doing this they help to prevent long dry seasons that can be detrimental to various animal species as well plants in the area. Therefore, the wetlands in central Mexico are so important to the surrounding area and to Mexico as a whole, they help to ensure that the ecosystem runs smoothly as it should.