We see nowadays that many touristic attractions gravitate around the animals. There are many places where you can find animals locked to be displayed to the public. Besides zoo, there are places like aquariums and even some small reservations that are still considered to be locking up animals. This caused a lot of controversy in the world of animal protection. We see that many people reacted to this subject and we see that many want these animals to be freed. But what are the arguments and discussions behind this subject? 

Are Zoo’s Educational and Helpful?

Many people still consider that zoos have a great educational role for young children. They believe that this is one of the best ways to get children in contact with animals and to teach them about the importance of respect and how to protect some endangered species.

But other people consider that this educational purpose is not fulfilled by the zoos because most of them just display the animals. And even the ones that provide a professional guide are still under attack. People believe that when a young child sees a locked animal he/she will not understand that that animal is endangered and must be protected. The child will only understand that the animal is locked by the humans and that the animal is there for the entertainment purpose.


Preserving Species

Another great argument that is in favor of locking animals is that this is one of the best methods to preserve some species. While it can seem true at first, the truth is very far away. The sole reason why these animals had to be taken away from their natural habitat and locked in some cages is the human intervention. We see that many of the natural habitats are destroyed and taking the animals away from their homes doesn’t solve the problem.

The health of these animals deteriorates while being locked up and many preservation projects failed because of this. There are zoos that try to breed the endangered species to reintroduce them to their original habitat but this usually fails because the animals are very stresses by this new environment. The best solution for this is to solve the original problem, the destruction of their homes. This is one of the reasons why zoos that try breeding these animals are called hypocrite.

Another theme in this controversy refers to the health of these animals. There are some zoos or aquariums that take the preservation role very seriously but most of them don’t care about that. There were many media scandals about zoos that were mistreating animals and endangered specimens left to die because the zoo didn’t want to pay a vet. Many people believe that prohibiting zoos would be in the immediate interest of the animals. There are many species that simply can’t adapt to life in a cage and we see many cases of animals that died without an obvious explanation. Animals are supposed to live in their natural habitat, not to be displayed as objects for our entertainment.