In 2016, Pronatura has won the Ecological Merit Award in the Birdlife Mexico. The judges evaluated the great environmental work that Birdlife Mexico was carrying and gave them the top award for the Community category. The award celebrated the work of Birdlife Mexico in saving birds and their valuable contribution to local environment and business.

Pronatura Noroeste

Pronatura Noroeste has been working in the northwest of Mexico for over a quarter of a century, covering eight states. They have set up twenty-two protected areas over a colossal three hundred thousand hectares of natural habitat. This is not the only won that this organization has been received for their ecological work. In 2007, they got a special credit for the creation of the Bahia de los Angeles y Canales de Ballenas, which is a highly successful reserve of biosphere.

Endangered Animals

Pronatura are highly successful in protecting different kinds of birds. However, this is not the only one sphere that they care about. They have been leading the effort to recover some of the most endangered species of animals in Mexica such as the Mexican Wolf, Jaguar, Golden Eagle, and the Thick Billed Parrot. The major part of these efforts has been to preserve the National Wetlands of Nayarit. It is the largest mangrove forest in this huge part of Mexico and now more than two hundred species of birds are settled there including the Mexican Parrotlet, Rufous-bellied Chachalaca, and the Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot.

Marine Conservation

Pronatura has been saving the lives of many indigenous animal species in Mexica, as a result, they are constantly praised and winning awards for their vital job. It must be noted that they are working not with the terrestrial animals. Their valuable contribution of watching over the Sea of Cortez is yet another program that is highly needed. This bay has an extraordinary biodiversity and attracts many divers and lovers of marine life. As a result, there were ecological and business purposes to start this new program. Pronatura is protecting this bay for many years already.

Probably, the biggest success of this marine program was to educate local fisherman to understand their environment and to protect all fishes and plants. As a result, the sustainable fishing methods have been implemented and they had a great effect to reduce the water pollution. Pronatura has understood the importance of collaboration with the local fishermen in order to keep their attention and made them the members of this organization. The decision has worked, and theses fishermen are the first guardians of the Grey Whale Sanctuary that is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The partnership between Birdlife Mexico and Pronatura is crucial to keep the biodiversity of Mexica and protect the endangered wildlife. The engagement with local communities made people to realize their role in the whole picture. It is hardly surprising that awards such as the Ecological Merit Awards give them such wide acclaim.