Mexico is famous for the exotic species of birds that are available between its borders. Mexico has over 350 different species of birds that constantly flit in and out of the country. This behavior is rather typical in Mexico, as these birds migrate from Canada and America to Mexico. The reason for birds migrating to Mexico is due to winter conditions. Mexico offers these birds a safe haven where they can rest and stay warm.

According to several professional bird watchers and bird conservators, Mexicans hardly look up at the sky, neither do they look at the habitat that surrounds them. This is due to not many birds commonly residing in Mexico. Most of the creatures found in Mexico are all terrestrial, and most birds in the country are small, which explains as to why birds are not as prevalent in Mexico. All it takes for citizens of Mexico to understand their connection to birds is to pay attention to the evidence around them. Since the time that Mexico was founded, birds have been a constant part of the culture in Mexico, going as far as to have a significant identity in songs, art, and even famous landmarks. The popularity of birds in the pre-Hispanic times were also reflected in customs and festivals.

Types of Birds That Visit Mexico and Why

The overall amount of birds that migrate to Mexico increase over time. They can easily be categorized into four main groups. Winter migrants, summer migrants, passing by and the residents with migrant populations. Some examples of the winter migrating birds include the golden cheek warbler which is mainly sighted in Texas. During winter, these birds love to the mountains of the Chiapas in Guatemala. Winter residents are known to reproduce in the north and spend the winter months in Mexico where it is warm.

There are over 30 species of summer m migrating birds that reproduce in Mexico. Although these birds breed in Mexico, they tend t move further south during winter months. An example is the Lucifer hummingbird. This bird is a local migrant and does not fly far distances to migrate. Passing species in Mexico is currently at 35 and rising. However, this category of birds does not originate mainly from the north nor the south. They don’t reside or reproduce in Mexico at all.  There are over 140 birds in Mexico that inhabit alongside the migrant population.

A common bird of this category is the diver bird. This bird breeds in Canada, the United States and of course Mexico. Although there are some places where this type of bird doesn’t reside long in, diver birds reproduce and live mostly in Durango and Zacatecas all year long. Mexico poses a crucial pit stop for any birds passing by and a relaxation hot spot for those who reside in the country. The area is a hotspot for creatures with ample shade, food, and water, making it a beautiful paradise for birds, beasts and humans alike.