A Great Tourist Spot

Mexico has become one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world thanks to the amazing culture and traditions. This country offers an amazing cuisine and you will leave this place very pleased. Another great thing about Mexico is the wildlife. The country is renowned for hosting some of the most exotic and interesting animals in the whole world. From birds to snakes and mammals, you will find any animal type in Mexico.

Many tourists adventure on mountain paths to encounter these animals and take pictures. This is a fun activity to do but you must take into consideration that while Mexicans are very friendly people, the wildlife is not always like this. There were many cases of tourists being bitten by local snakes or attacked by large animals. We have listed some of the best ways to safely approach wild animals here to help you get a good experience with the Mexican nature.

Sea Life

Mexico is known for the amazing sea life. You will encounter whales, dolphins and even whale-sharks. Be careful if you are a surfer or if you enjoy swimming in the ocean. If you see a wild water mammal approaching you don’t need to panic and the most important, don’t be aggressive with the animal. Most of them approach you because of curiosity and if you hit them they will become aggressive. If you want to have a very safe encounter with them you can choose to go on the water with a boat. There are many agencies that provide trips near the playground of the dolphins and whales.

Crocodiles can also be encountered in many places in Mexico. It is known that they are not aggressive animals unless they feel threatened. Don’t try to get too close to them because they will have a reaction. Don’t try to take selfies with a crocodile and if you want to take a picture make sure that your camera doesn’t make strong noises. Also, be very careful not to approach packs of crocodiles. There are times of the year when they meet to mate, and you don’t want to interrupt them.

Birds and Other Animals

Flamingos are some of the most beautiful birds in the world. They can be found in many places in Mexico and many tourists want to have pictures with them. While they seem like harmless, pink birds, you must take into consideration that they can get scared by your presence, especially if they have babies. Their beaks are very sharp, and a flamingo bite is the last thing you want during your vacation. Observe them from the distance and don’t shout at them to get them to look at you for the perfect picture. 

Mexico wildlife also has many snakes. Given the fact that they come in many shapes and sizes, it is sometimes difficult to say which one is venomous and which is not. It is better to leave them alone and not to try to move them.