Mexico City is the home to all kind of various species. Although most of these species are gradually going into extinct, still most of the still continue to thrive for survival. In this article, I will be looking at some of the various wildlife in the central Mexico City.

Spider Monkey: the spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) is a fairly adorable little creature. It has a large eyes and gangly limbs. It is a native to many regions in Mexico that boast woodland and tropical rainforest. They are almost found hanging out in Chiapas, Yucatan Peninsula. One spectacular thing about these creatures is that they always hang out in groups, very fast and easy to spot.

Cacomistle (Bassariscus sumichrasti): these are Mexican animals that are similar in appearance to monkeys crossed breaded with a cat and a raccoon. They owe their name to Nahuatl, and are mostly spotted in the jungles. They are nocturnal, and they love to hang out on trees due to their ability to jump from trees to trees with ease.

The Mexican Prairie Dog (Cynomys mexicanus): these creatures are not dogs, neither are they inhabitants of the prairies. They are found in small clusters in the northern states. These creatures are closely related to the groundhog more than any other kind of dogs. In addition, they live in warrens, and not in kennels. They have been treated as pests in past times, and they are currently endangered due to the ecosystem where they live. They can be found in Coahuila, San Luis, Potosi and Nuevo Leon.

Vaquita Porpoise: they are mostly known as Vaquita marina in Spanish or better called little sea cow. They are one of the smallest cetaceans in the world and believed to be the most endangered. These makes it practically impossible to spot one of them in their natural habitat. They can be found in the waters of the Gulf of California of in captivity.

Axoloti: the weird looking nature of this iconic Mexican creature puts it in critical danger of extinction. They are found mostly in the rivers and lakes of Central Mexico, the name Axoloti has its root in the language of the Aztec (Nahuati). The Axoloti has an instant recognizable warning signal (its red cuffs pop up from its neck whenever it feels threatened) they can be found in Xochimilco or in captivity.

Coati: this is a member of the raccoon family. This creature is very cute, and it has a long nose with distinctive markings and a double-jointed limb which is very strong. Their ability to dig and their smartness is as a result of their physiology. They can be found in all parts of Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, etc.

Ocelot: this is a slinky but elusive big cat that is only active at night (it loves to sleep during the day, mostly on trees). The Ocelot is often confused with a tiny jaguar owing to the great similarities between them. Hunting down of the ocelot is highly prohibited in Mexico, and they are widespread almost in the whole Southern America.