Who would have ever thought that a company of construction materials and an organization of conservation charity would have come into partnership ten years ago to form one of the most successful conservation partnerships in the world? The relationship between CEMEX and Birdlife International has been renewed to continue their global good work.

A Shared Vision

In order to develop a successful partnership, CEMEX and Birdlife International build a shared vision how to help the environment in a sustainable way. Both companies are making great efforts to ensure the successful process of conservation and implement that into the daily life of many people around the world. As CEMEX has been developing sites and quarries for their business activities, Birdlife International have advised and guided about the biodiversity that surround the construction sites as well as helped to create the favorable environmental conditions for excavations.

Biodiversity Projects All Over the World

This highly successful partnership of two different public subjects has benefited the biodiversity of many areas all over the world. Two companies put together biodiversity plans that strive to achieve ambitious goals. CEMEX has stated that every one of their quarries worldwide will execute this plan by the end of 2020. These plans are basically a framework that helps to identify species which could be affected if a quarry is dug in their natural habitat. The plan of action is adopted to protect the natural environment, so the species do not suffer in any way.

Today, CEMEX operations have over the seventy percent of biodiversity plans in all of their quarry activities across Spain, France, UK, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Nearly thousand hectares of original habitat has been restored to its former glory in the UK. This has benefited not just the wildlife but the local communities as well.

The Golden Eagle

This collaboration has benefited the Golden Eagle is one of the most iconic birds in Mexico as it appears on the national flag of the country. This project highly raised the level of local community awareness to provide better conditions for these great creatures. Two species that are on the IUCN Red List are now benefiting from first-class treatment with the Las Salinas action plan in the Dominican Republic. The Hispaniolan Slider Turtle and the Rhinoceros Iguana are living a happier life in an environment that can properly sustain them as well.

An official spokesman of CEMEX was quoted as saying that the partnership shows how a strong impact can be dedicated to protecting nature when conservation NGO’s and businesses work together. The recent announcement of the extended three years partnership is an optimistic signal for a better future for bio-diversities all over the planet Earth. All animals, birds, and plants that belong to these bio-diversities will benefit greatly from the prolonged partnership that is delivering a real difference to their lives. However, more partnerships are needed in order to protect our nature fully.